Korean Rural Architecture Competition

Honorable Mention

10th Korean Rural Architecture Competition


Sari-Myeon, Goesan-Gun is an ordinary village with the typical opportunities and problems of any Korean farming village. The village has declined from its position as a provincial center in recent years because of modernization.

In this context, the possibility of using the old warehouse of Nonghyup and the old children centers is well worth re-investigation. The village has need for a space for discussion and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. There has, for a long time, been the need for programs that link the many generations within a Senior Center-Junior Center.

– from the competition brief



The most important intention of the proposal is to differentiate two buildings from each other, by which we meant to make both of them incomplete in many different aspects and meanings.

Are you crazy? WHY?

Because we believe incompleteness of the buildings will naturally create needs for the unfulfilled and then eventually attract users from the other building. Given the restrictions of area, budget, and predefined sets of programs, rather than designing them look complete and perfect, which we don’t believe it is achievable any ways, we wanted to help the two talk to each other and establish collaboration between them in a bigger picture. As a way of doing this, we as architects and designers took tectonic approaches basically testing out the idea of juxtaposition.


To achieve symbiosis arising from the differences, we looked at lots of different but interesting ways of differentiation. Below are some of the most interesting but promising ideas ranging from building shapes, their relationship with the sites, transparency/opaqueness, types of human activities, etc..


The main concept of the senior center is Pyung-Sang (평상) which can be easily found in a suburban city near Seoul. We found it is very interesting in that it provides flexible space for socializing especially for elderly people. Inspired by it, we propose multi-purpose hall as a huge Pyung-Sang where lots of different activity happens at the same time. The wide open space will be a great place for social activities. This space also can work as a stage, for example for a fashion show, small orchestra, etc. As we are dealing with large space in a very high ceiling ware house building, we thought that sound attenuation would be problematic. To prevent, we also propose series of wood baffles along the spine of the building. It will naturally work as light reflector at the same time so as to lit the space with warm ambient light. For better lighting condition for the guests, we propose series of sky light roof assembly to the north facing roof so we can take advantage of indirect illumination. A diagonal wall that divide multi-purpose hall will be made out of densely installed bamboo batons. At the out most face of the building sit folding glass walls which converts the entire building into an open pavilion in a sec. As this entire space under the roof will be very flexible and from time to time a bit crazy, we relocated senior lounges to more quite zone with minimal interruption – new extension on south. This will house admin offices in addition to the senior lounge. Also its sloped face toward the Pyung-Sang and Madang will be a perfect spot for watching performance or shows on the stage. This sloping will naturally guide guests to the roof garden.


Unlike senior center, in the junior center, child care would be the foremost goal. That being said, we thought it wants to be of more controlled space rather than wide open to the public. In an effort to create boundaries which is very subtle and intangible not to be claustrophobic but somehow works, we thought about a curtain. It’s translucency gives you a feeling of protection, and could be a good way of demarcating your area. Also the way how it sways along with wind reflecting sun lights as it moves will give beautiful experiences for kids. Imagine you are sitting on a chair with your eyes closed right behind of the curtain. Sometimes the interplay between sun and wind will let the ray hit on your eyes and it goes away right after. We thought this psychological approach will be better than to put series of heavy cage around you.

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